E-Sports Team Management

  1. Overall E-Sports Team Management

    • Aura International’s E-Sports professionals will go in and manage full teams, rosters, and/or any other various requests you may have for the duration of your choice

    • Aura International will have the rights to select a roster of players, content creators, graphic designers (GFX), video effect designers (VFX), management, staff, moderators, and executive members for your team

    • Aura International can log all players in and out of your roster(s) upon entrance/exit/removal/resignation

    • Aura International will evaluate all players, content creators, GFX, VFX, management, staff, moderators, and executive members before they join/sign to your team

  2. Management Selection

    • Aura International will choose managers and/or executive members for your team in order to provide the most growth possible from our services

    • Aura International will train new members in order to provide you with an effective management/executive team

  3. Player Selection

    • Aura International will scout players for your team per your team's caliber

    • Aura International will do our best to contact any player you desire to have on your team and negotiate a contract if your team wishes to sign the said player 

  4. Custom Service

    • Aura International will customize our E-Sports management service to your needs 

    • Aura International will write contracts for you when requested

Artist Management

  1. Music Management

    • Aura will provide you with studio selection and beatmakers

    • Aura International can provide you with custom domain emails and a full website for featuring music

    • Aura International will push to get your music onto major platforms if necessary (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)

    • Aura International will manage you and direct people contacting you through us in order to provide proper traffic flow. We will filter all emails, direct messages, and/or any form of contact and only provide you with beneficial information when necessary.

    • Aura International will schedule and set up music video and promotional video shoots for you depending on location

    • Aura International will access you with features and/or collaborations

    • Aura International will promote you on all Aura International social media

  2. Physical Artistic Management

    • Aura International will manage sales

    • Aura International will create and develop a full working website to promote your brand

    • Aura International will give you various promotional opportunities (more information discussed per artist)

    • Aura International will track analytics per request

    • Aura International can push for your art to be featured in galleries and/or shows

    • Aura International can get you clients and (a. fully manage sales)

Entertainer Management

  1. Overall Management 

    • Aura International will manage all contact

    • Aura International will only bring you the relevant information in order to make you prosper

    • For no extra cost or percentage, Aura International will find you brand deals and sponsorship to make your time with us worthwhile

    • Aura International  will host events for you (ex: giveaways, meet and greets, conventions, etc.)

    • Aura International will offer access to our database of celebrity and management contacts

    • Aura International will work to get you a collaboration that you may request or that we believe is beneficial to you

    • Aura International will provide you with access to editors and graphic design members of Aura

    • Aura International will provide you with a custom website for necessary costs to build one

    • Aura International will manage the social media timing algorithms in order to get you a number of interactions when you post

    • Aura International will provide advice in order to properly manage conflicts within your community

    • Aura International will appropriate the best-priced merchandise for yourself and potentially your community (if requested Aura can manufacture and distribute merchandise)

  2. Media Management

    • Aura International will manage emails and only direct relevant information to you

    • Aura International will manage and reply to direct messages in order to sustain a balanced supportive community

    • Aura International will give you the tools necessary in order to get the most interaction with your audience

    • Aura International will host media events on our website for you such as giveaways and contests

  3. Brand Management

    • Aura International will find you sponsors to give you products and/or financing

    • Aura International can find you a wholesale company to make custom merchandise to build a brand for your community

    • Aura International will give you the option to have Aura produce merchandise at wholesale costs for you and your community

    • Aura International will help you develop a business model and brand for yourself and potential companies

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