Did you know that you can earn a scholarship to go to college to play esports? Believe it. It’s possible and over 15 millions dollars are given to high schoolers like you to play esports in college, allowing you to earn a degree in whatever you enjoy while having esports on the side as a sport.


CERD, or the Collegiate Esports Recruitment Directory LLC, is an organization dedicated towards supporting high-school level players on their journeys to the collegiate and professional scene! When you sign up for our platform, your information gets placed into a directory that is scouted daily by over 50 college esports coaches around the United States of America. You can also learn about collegiate programs and play in tournaments to be scouted into a collegiate program, all for free on our website!


Find more information about CERD at: https://www.cerdirectory.com/


Start your esports journey at the Player Portal: https://www.cerdirectory.com/player-portal.html


Join the CERD discord server for weekly updates and to connect with college coaches: https://discord.gg/T8RsZuH


We here at CERD wish you the best of luck in your journey, and are always here to support you!

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